Anukampa Jain

Professional services engineer



In which year did you graduate?


Where are you located?


Current Employer


Current Position

Professional services engineer

Tell us a bit about your current job profile

Full stack development in angular js, ext js and java. acc to the requirements of the clients

How has studying at MIMIT helped you?

Motivated for self-study and helped understand basics

How did you like your stay at MIMIT?

Life at mimit was great. Professors were very cooperative and one get consistent motivation from them. Not only for academics, but also sports, we were trained very effectively and had a great basketball team. I will really miss the participation in various events, either as a host or as an audience. Overall, it was very cool experience at mimit. Found some life lasting friends and beautiful memories

Any piece of advice for current students?

Be more practical in approaches rather than just scramming for exams.