Applied Sciences Department
Applied Sciences Department
Applied Sciences Department
Applied Sciences Department


The Department of Applied Sciences was established in 1998 with the very inception of the Institute. The Department helps upgrading the fundamental knowledge and skills of mainly first year students in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Communication Skills and basics of the Engineering disciplines. 

The Department has competent and qualified faculty, modern & flexible space for Research & Education that prove to be an imperative element for keeping Engineering Colleges a step ahead. 

So, giving it due consideration, faculty members of this Department are not only engaged in routine academic activities but also engaged in other allied activities to upgrade their knowledge and teaching skills. 

These activities include the Paper Presentation in various International & National Conferences/Journals, Book writing, participation in Summer/Winter training programmers organized by ISTE, organization of Technical Festivals for increasing the technical exposure of the students, Soft Skills Enhancement of students, assistance in Personality Development Programmers, etc. Some members have completed their doctorate and others are also exploring their perspective areas of research.





Laboratory DetailLaboratory Incharge
English LaboratoryDr. Mohit Kumar
Chemistry LaboratoryMs.Vandna Choudhary
Computer Programming LaboratoryMs.Mamta Goyal
Physics LaboratoryMs.Kawaljeet Kaur Bindra





Allocated Advisor

Electronics & Comm. Engg. 1st Year

Dr. Mohit Kumar

CSE-B & Information Technology 1st Year

Ms.Kawaljeet Kaur & Ms. Mamta Goyal

Mechanical Engg. 1st Year

Dr. Mohit Kumar

Computer Science & Engg. (Group A) 1st Year

Mr. Rajiv Jain & Ms. Vandna Choudhary

Upcoming Events

Faculty of Departemnt of Applied Sciences

           Name:                 Dr. Jaskaran Singh Bhullar

           Designation:       Professor & Head Applied Science Deptt.

           Qualification:      Ph.D (Mathematics)


           Contact No:         +91-9356737037

           Name:                 Mr. Rajiv Jain

           Designation:       Associate Professor

           Qualification:      M.Sc, M.Phil (Mathematics)


           Contact No:         +91-9872091092

           Name:                 Dr. Mohit Kumar

           Designation:       Associate Professor

           Qualification:      Ph.D (English)


           Contact No:         +91-9872266003

           Name:                 Mrs. Vandana

           Designation:       Assistant Professor

           Qualification:      M.Sc, M.Phil (Chemistry)


           Contact No:         +91-8146552536

           Name:                 Ms. Kawaljeet Kaur bindra

           Designation:       Assistant Professor

           Qualification:      M.Sc, M.Phil (Physics)


           Contact No:         +91-8146588876

           Name:                 Ms. Mamta Goyal

           Designation:       Assistant Professor

           Qualification:      M.Sc, M.Phil (Chemistry)


           Contact No:         +91-8146294800

           Name:                 Mr. Sunil Kumar

           Designation:       Clerk

           Qualification:      B.A, PGDCA


           Contact No:         +91-9877087264