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Fee Structure with Chief Minister Scholarship Scheme

For B.Tech and B.Tech. (LEET) 2018

CourseCategory (Marks in Qualifying Exam i.e. 10+2/ DiplomaTution Fee WaivedScholarship Amount per SemesterIst Sem.(B.Tech.) /3rd Sem. (LEET) Fee2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8thTotal 
B. TechFee without CM Scholarship0048968 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable)41955427314195542694419554265742455345370
General (90% & above)100%30000Rs. 18,968 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable)11955127311195512694119551265712455105370
General (80-89.99% )90%27000Rs. 21,968 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable)14955157311495515694149551565715455129370
General (70-79.99% )80%24000Rs. 24,968 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable)17955187311795518694179551865718455153370
General (60-69.99% )70%21000Rs. 27,968 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable)20955217312095521694209552165721455177370

Counselling Fee Rs. 2000/- will be charged extra at the time of admission (One Time – Non-Refundable)

Hostel Charges: Rs. 6300/- per Annum
Refundable Security Rs. 6000/-
Total = Rs. 12300/-

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