Facilities Overview 

Central Library

We believe the library is the most important part of any academic institute and is the only greatest asset of the students. The utmost care has been taken in order to enrich the library with most qualitative literature orderable in the sea of literature. Special consent and evolution of each and every single book is taken from the concerned faculty member & sometimes also from students before recommending the book, as we fully concentrate on the quality of literature entering in our library. Because one can produce an excellent & qualitative product, if he has a quality input.

   MIMIT has 10500 sq.ft. double storied well stocked fully automated library. This library is the first library in Punjab State that is interlinked with DELNET (Developing Library Network). It has established a digital library which includes e-journals, e-books, e-reference sources, databases of theses and dissertations, subject gateway and MIMIT digital resources etc. User can access MIMIT Central Library at https://mimitlibrary.ac.in

Central Computer Centre

Computer Labs are constant heaps of activity throughout the year. The institute has fully Wi-Fi with 6mbps leased line form Reliance Communication. Students and faculty have convenient access to information from all over the world. There are four centrally air conditioned computer labs, which house up to 400 computers nodes each along with related peripherals, internet connectivity etc.


For the benefits of our students and faculty, we have interlinked our library with DELNET (Developing Library Network, New Delhi). The DELNET facility is also accessible to students from computer labs as the password is provided to them. Library is also in the process of inter-linking with other on-line libraries. All the offices and the faculty has the facility of telephone & internet connection.

  • Other Important Labs

  • Transport
  • Guest House
  • Water  &  Electricity Supply

Central Computer Center


Computer Centre is central place for campus-wide networking and Internet connectivity. The Institute has double-storey, well-furnished, Wi-Fi connected and centrally air-conditioned Central Computer Centre which provides facilities to meet the requirements of various labs for B.Tech. Programme. The centre has about 560 computer systems of latest configuration. Most of these are Intel® Core™ i7, Intel Core™ i3, Dual Core and Core 2 Duo computer systems from various multinational companies like H.P., I.B.M., Compaq, Dell, Wipro etc. The Central Computer Centre has network infrastructure consisting routers, firewall, Unified threat management (UTM), manageable layer 3 switches. The centre is networked in client server environment with the help of latest servers. It has optical fiber cable as its backbone and various blocks of the Institute are inter-connected.

The Institute campus along with boys and girls hostels is connected via Wi-Fi. In the centre, there are different labs of Data Structure, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, RDBMS, System Programming, Operating System, Web Technology and JAVA. The centre is well-equipped with licensed software as per course requirements. Furthermore, it has 24X7 hours internet connectivity through leased of 60Mbps (1:1) bandwidth and further emanates to the all departments/sections/hostels. The centre remains open from 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM to facilitate the students on weekdays and 9:00AM-1:00PM on Saturday.

Services provided by Central Computer Centre:

  • Internet
  • Organize Online Examinations for Companies during Training & Placement Sessions
  • Organize Online Examinations with collaboration of TCS such as GATE, PSPCL and CTET etc.
  • Providing technical support, assistance and guidance for various IT services
  • Maintenance of computers and peripherals.
  • Maintenance of Campus Network

List of Licensed Software

1     Rational Rose

2     Oracle 11g

3     Softek COBOL

4     SCO UNIX

5     C++ Builder 2009

6     Anti virus AVG

7     Cute FTP

8     Visual prolog 7.0

9     Adobe Acrobat reader

10   Adobe Photoshop

11   Adobe Flash

12   Microsoft Office 2007

13   Visual Studio 2008

14   MCAFEE Anti-Virus

15   Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition (8.0)

16   MS-Office 97

17   MS Visual Studio 6.0

18   Oracle 8iWork Group Server (5 User) client

19   Oracle Developer 2000 ver 6

20   Ex- NEXT generation (Accounting Software)

21   Shiri Lipi with Punjabi Fonts

22   Dragon Naturally speaking Software

23   Front Page 2000

24   Sybase Power Builder 7

25   Borland turbo C++ suite

26   Norton utilities 2000

27   Cybernetra (Leased Line Bandwidth Management Software)

28   Corel draw 9

29   Oracle Designer 2000 (developer 6 patch1)

30   Oracle Programmer 2000


Hostel Facilities

The Institute has magnificently designed separate hostels for boys and girls each with all modern facilities, for boarding and other recreational activities. The hostels have their own mess to provide good and hygienic food to the students. The boys’ hostel has the capacity of about 120 boys (extendable upto 150) whereas the girls’ hostel can house 110 girls (can be extended upto 140). The types of rooms are cubicles and dormitories. Mess is maintained on co-operative basis. Both hostels have common Rooms, Gyms, Badminton Courts, Volleyball ground and facilities for other indoor games.


The hostel buildings are remarkable pieces of architecture. The architecture of the hostels is inspired from the traditional design used in places where general climate is very hot. Because of the carefully designed structure the temperature inside the buildings remain comfortable even in extremely hot weather conditions.

Common Rooms

Spacious common rooms are provided in all the hostels, which are a place for constructive activities like indoor games, discussions and get together within the hostel. Indoor games like carom board, chess, table tennis are provided within the hostels. There is a separate Badminton court in both the hostels and sports equipment is provided from the hostel’s sports committee.


Well furnished and spacious rooms are there for 120 boys and 60 girls each. There are cubical as well as dormitories for the students .Each room is equipped with a bed, a study table, study chair, almirah and an easy chair.

Hostel Committees

Various committees viz cultural, discipline, sports, mess, maintenance have been established to provide opportunities for overall development in their personalities during their stay in the hostel. These clubs serve to organize all the cultural events and other happenings in the hostel.

News and TV Room

The hostel provides the students with daily newspapers and various magazines to make them aware of the daily happenings of the world.

Dr. Harminder Singh BindraChief Warden
Ms. Vandana ChoudharyWarden Girls’ Hostel
Ms. Baljeet VirdiAsst. Warden Girls’ Hostel
Dr. Vijay Kumar Samyal Warden Boys’ Hostel-1
Er. Kulvir SinghWarden Boys’ Hostel-2
Mr. Raghbir SinghAsst. Warden Boys’ Hostel-1
Er. Navjot SinghAsst. Warden Boys’ Hostel-2
Mr. Sukhchain SinghMaintenance Supervisor
Hostel ChargesAnnual Charges (Rs.)
One Time Hostel Security  (Refundable) 4000/-
One Time Co-Operative Mess Security (Refundable) 2000/-
Hotsel Charges   3600/- 
Electricity Charges   1200/- 
Annual Co-Operative Mess Charges 1500/-
Total   12300/- 


The students who have deposited caution Mess Security earlier need not Deposit security fee again.


  1. The fee structure is in accordance with the notification of State Govt. of Punjab/university issue from time to time.Cycle/Scooter stand
  2. Fee, Blazer Cloth, Cooperative Membership Fee and such other expenses will be charged extra as per decision.
  3. Hostel related Fee (s) will be charged as per Govt. notifications.
  4. If there is any change in the fee structure, difference will be charged/adjusted as per decision.
Hostel ChargesAnnual Charges (Rs.)
One Time Hostel Security  (Refundable) 4000/-
One Time Co-Operative Mess Security (Refundable) 2000/-
Hotsel Charges   3600/- 
Electricity Charges   1200/- 
Annual Co-Operative Mess Charges 1500/-
Total   12300/- 


The students who have deposited caution Mess Security earlier need not Deposit security fee again.


  1. The fee structure is in accordance with the notification of State Govt. of Punjab/university issue from time to time.
  2. Cycle/Scooter stand Fee, Blazer Cloth, Cooperative Membership Fee and such other expenses will be charged extra as per decision.
  3. Hostel related Fee (s) will be charged as per Govt. notifications.
  4. If there is any change in the fee structure, difference will be charged/adjusted as per decision.
  1. The hostel shall be open to regular students on the rolls of the Institute. The students who can make suitable arrangements with their parents or guardians for boarding/lodging outside the campus may be allowed to do so with the permission of the Principal on production of a written undertaking from the father/guardian that they will take part in all the extra curricular activities of the Institute and for their good conduct.
  2. Every boarder must have a copy of the rules to aware himself of all the rules and regulations of the hostel. He/ She must observe them strictly. Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse.
  3. While issuing character certificate to the boarders, the opinion of the Hostel Warden will be given weightage. The Hostel Warden will exercise general supervision and control over the hostel.
  4. Boarders must look up the hostel notice board twice a day as sometimes important notices are put up there. All cases of illness are put up there.
  5. No Student should keep any fire/arms, lethal weapons, poisonous things or intoxicants of any kind in the hostel and a boarder found guilty of having committed a breach of this rule shall be liable to be expelled from the hostel apart from any other punishment that may be awarded on the merit of each case, by the principal.
  6. Any meeting to be held in the Hostel premises should have the prior approval of the Principal/Hostel Warden.
  7. The students shall make proper use of common rooms, the newspapers, other allied literature and the other articles required for indoor games. Hours at the common rooms will be fixed by the Hostel Warden from time to time. The common room Secretary and Jt. Secretary will be responsible for running the common room. The Secretary/Jt. Secretary shall be nominated by the Warden in the first instance.
  8. On each storey of the hostel, a student amongst the boarders shall be appointed as a Head Boy/Head Girl for that wing, who will assist the hostel warden in the administration of the hostel affairs.
  9. The Principal shall have the power to make amendments in the hostel rules and the power to declare articles unserviceable and their disposal and write off losses.
  10. All the boarders shall vacate the hostel rooms before they leave for the vocations so that the annual repairs and white washing are carried out. All the hostel articles issued to the students should be returned to the Hostel Warden/Clerk before the students leave their rooms. They will be held responsible for any loss. The loss if any, will be made good from the defaulters.
  11. The mess arrangements will be under the direction of warden and for his assistance there will be a mess committee.
  12. No body is allowed to enter in the mess kitchen except Head Boy/Head Girl and mess committee.
  13. Students will be responsible themselves for any kind of security of all the belonging.
  14. A boarder will have no right to leave the hostel on holiday, Saturday, Sunday when the institute is closed without the prior permission of hotel warden in writing.
  15. If the boarder is found liable for high volume of music system/computer systems in their rooms, then he will loose the right to use that item in future.

Room Allotment

The accommodation consists of 4 seater dormitories and single seaters. The room allotment shall be made by the warden on the basis of result of the previous semester.

The student must personally be present at the time of allotment of rooms. Rooms to be allotted will be occupied immediately after an allotment is made.

The boarder shall not be entitled to retain accommodation in the hostel beyond his/her normal period of study.

No boarder is allowed to change his/her room without the permission of the warden.

The boarder shall have to vacate accommodation as and when asked for.

Inmates of each room are jointly and severally responsible for the furniture, fixtures, fittings etc. and any damage to hostel property is recoverable from them.

Furniture And Equipment

Every boarder is provided with a chair, a table and bed. He/she will be responsible for the items given to him/her. Furniture is not to be removed from one room to another. Every boarder is to see that no damages are done to the hostel property/fittings and repair charges for any damages (intentionally or, through negligence) are to be recovered from the concerned student.

Withdrawal And Removal From The Institute Hostel

After the general allotment, application for withdrawal from the hostel should be countersigned by the father/guardian and submitted to the hostel warden. Such an application should be presented after hostel dues have been cleared.

Even if the boarder has actually vacated his/her room, he/she will have to pay all the hostel dues and fines standing against his/her name up to the day he/she continues to be on the rolls, until his/her name is formally withdrawn

A boarder may be expelled from the hostel by the Principal, if the boarder is in the habit of staying away without permission or is found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline.

  • No boarder shall be allowed to stay in the hostel if his/her hostel fee and mess dues are in arrears for more than a month.
  • Students who do not clear their dues such as dues of the hostel mess, canteen, fine, etc. by the prescribed date, will not be registered for the subsequent semester until and unless they clear all their dues and get “No Dues Certificate” from the concerned Hostel Warden. In the case of those students who are to leave the institute after completing their degree requirement or otherwise, their results as well as the provisional certificates/degrees will be withheld till No Dues Certificate is produced.

No boarder shall leave the hostel without personally handing over the charge of the room; loss, if any, will be recovered from him.

Leave Rules

Leave sanctioned for absence from the Institute does not mean leave from the hostel. Leave from the hostel for one or more nights must be got approved by the hostel warden.

Leave should be personally secured before it is availed of.

If a boarder does not want to take breakfast, lunch, dinner in the hostel. He/She shall have to inform the Warden or the mess manager well in time i.e. 24 hour earlier otherwise he/she shall be considered present.

Absence from the hostel for the whole night without prior permission of the wardens is considered act of gross negligence and misconduct and will carry punishment. Such cases must be brought to the notice of Principal by respective wardens.

Night Roll Call

The night roll-call be taken by the Head boy at 9.00 p.m. in winter and 10.00 p.m. in summer. Every boarder must be present in his/her room to avoid inconvenience for taking the roll-call. For girls hostel, the night roll call be taken at 6.00 p.m. in winter and 7.00 p.m. in Summer.

A student absent at the time of roll call is liable to pay a fine of Rs. 10/-. The fine list shall be put on the Notice Board at the end of each month.

After roll-call no student is allowed to leave the hostel but if any emergency arises, he/she shall leave the hostel with the permission of hostel warden.

Girl’s Hostel

Girl students will provide the name and address of the guardian duly acknowledge by their parents at the time of registration whom they could meet during the hostel specified hours.

In case the girls want to go out, they will have to take prior permission from the warden and enter the relevant information in the register kept in the warden’s office.

Market and outing days will be only on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and except these days girls can move out of campus upto 6.00 p.m. and no night travel is allowed.

For the security reasons, any outstation travel should start at time so as the students should be able to reach their home by 6.00 p.m. and no night travel is allowed.

Entry register should be kept at its official place and no one will be allowed to take it in her room.

Girl students will provide the name and address of the local guardians duly acknowledged by their parents at the time of registration in case of emergency.

A boarder will not be allowed to go for night stay or attending any function in the late hours in their local guardians or relatives etc.


Guests are not permitted to stay in the hostel except in the case of mother/sister, however a separate arrangement in girls hostel can be made for father/brother, provided he comes from a far off place at an old hours. The student must get permission for keeping her/his guest in the hostel. The guest so allowed is kept in the hostel guest room. Their names will be entered in the guest register kept in the hostel.

A boarder keeping a guest without permission is to be fined Rs. 100/-

Only those persons are allowed to meet the boarder whose snaps are referred and signed by parents.

In case of girl’s hostel, no local boy and classmate are allowed to meet the boarder in the hostel.

Discipline And Complaints
Students are expected to maintain perfect discipline and proper atmosphere.

All kind of shouting, violence, knocking, or any other act of movement or behavior that is likely to cause disturbance or annoyance is strictly prohibited.

Dealing with fellow students and other should be very courteous and polite. All quarrels and disputes with fellow boarders should be avoided. Students should not take law in their hands and should try to settle their entire dispute with the help of head boys and the hostel warden only.

Teasing, Maltreating or indulging in any sort of ragging of newly admitted student, is strictly prohibited. Serious disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulting students.

Visiting in Dining Hall, the common room, and the canteen and outside the hostel campus should always be in proper dress.

Maltreating and abusing the hostel employees and mess-staff is strictly prohibited In case of any complaint against them, the report should be made to mess committee or head girls/head boys or the hostel wardens.


Lights must be switched off when not in use.

The use of electric fan is allowed during the summer session. If an extra fan is used, extra changes for the electricity consumption will be charged according to prescribed rates.

The use of electric heater, electric rods and other similar electric installation and for all electric repairs the electricians should be called in.


Along with the academic activities, MIMIT organizes cultural activities (Music, Dance, Theatre, Fine Arts and Literary) for all round development of the students. With regards to this, the institute orchestrates an Intra Institute Talent Search Competition every year to hunt for the talented students in various cultural events. The winners of Talent Search are given opportunity to perform in the Youth Festival. The Institute organizes various workshops and training programmes regularly to improve the co-curricular talent of the students.


Sr.No.Name of Committee MemberDuty Assigned
1Mr. Mohit KumarCoordinator
2Ms. Deepika JainI/c Fine Arts Events
3Mr. Navjot SinghI/c Dance Items
4Mr. Vijay SamyalI/c Theatre Items
5Ms. Sukhbir KaurI/c Literary Events
6Mr. Gurpreet SinghI/c Music Items


  • Organised the First Youth Festival of MRSPTU, Bathinda in 2015 and bagged the Runners Up trophy. Also represented the University in North Zone Inter Varsity Youth Festival organised at PAU, Ludhiana by participating in Musical Items.
  • Bagged the Runners Up trophy in Scintilla 2016, technical cum cultural fest organized by AIET FARIDKOT sponsored by ISTE. Also the winner of overall Cultural and Technical trophies in Scintilla 2015 & 2013.
  • Organized the First Zonal Youth Festival of Punjab Technical University in 2002.
  • Participated in many Zonal Youth Festivals and won Overall trophy four times and Runners Up trophy two times till date.
  • Participated in Inter Zonal Youth Festival many times and won Runners Up trophy three times in 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2015-16.


Malout Institute of Management & Information Technology, Malout is the first Institute to bring B.Tech. in Information Technology in North India. The institute is established/managed and promoted by the Govt. of Punjab. The glory of educationists in Engineering & Management fraternity of MIMIT, Malout is engaged in shaping the destiny of young Engineers and Managers ever since 1998. The Institute has the distinction of being one amongst the five institutes established, managed and promoted by Govt. of Punjab with operational control of Board of Governors headed by Hon’ble Minister of Technical Education, Punjab.

The Institute is moving fast to develop as a pioneer in the field of Management & Technology. Also the institute is among top five Engineering Institutes in Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. The Institute has already produced thousands of Engineers and Managers who are occupying prestigious positions and are bringing the laurels for MIMIT.  In the times to come, the institute will open up many new avenues and opportunities for each one. The Institute gives exposure not only in studies, but also in co-curricular & extra-curricular activities for making the students multi-talented. For this objective, MIMIT organizes every year an Athletic Meet & many Intra Institute Sports tournaments to hunt for the young budding players & sportspersons to make them march ahead in their respective sports in future.

The Institute has richness in sports infrastructure which facilitates in organizing the various tournaments & Athletic Meet. Recently Institute has built very good concreted Lawn Tennis court & Basketball Court in new building.  A sport complex is also being developed in HUT hostel. It includes a recently built Athletic track of 200m.  The Institute sports amenities include:

  • Badminton Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Handball Ground
  • Football Ground
  • Hockey Ground
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Athletic Track
  • Concrete Lawn Tennis Court
  • Gymnasium

Today’s world is so stressful that it is necessary to keep the brain active and relaxed. We know games help us keep vigorous. These also rejuvenate and soothe our mind. It is said if you lose your wealth, you can earn more but you cannot earn the health once lost. Games give us psychological relief apart from physical health. A healthy mind gives healthy output to the Society and also motivates other members of the community to indulge in sports activities to make the harmony of body, soul & mind.

Click to View: University Sports Calender 2018-19

University Level Achievements

Sr.NoName of Student/TeamBranchBatchEventPositionYear
1MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMen & Women in MRSPTU 3rd Annual Athletic MeetOverall Trophy2018
2MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU Inter College Basketball Tournament WomenGold Medal2017
3MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU Inter College Basketball Tournament MenSilver Medal2017
4MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU Inter College Cross Country Tournament WomenSilver Medal2017
5MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU Inter College Chess Tournament, WomenSilver Medal2017
6MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU Inter College Lawn Tennis Tournament, MenGold Medal2017
7MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU Inter College Lawn Tennis Tournament, WomenSilver Medal2017
8MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU Inter College Handball Tournament, MenBronze Medal2017
9MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU Inter College Handball Tournament, WomenSilver Medal2017
10MIMIT MaloutInstitute Team Men & Women in MRSPTU 2nd Annual Athletic MeetOverall Trophy2017
11MIMIT MaloutInstitute Team Men in MRSPTU 2nd Annual Athletic MeetOverall Trophy2017
12MIMIT MaloutInstitute Team Women in MRSPTU 2nd Annual Athletic MeetRunner Up Trophy2017
13MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Lawn Tennis Tournament (Men)Bronze Medal2016
14MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Cross Country Tournament (Men)Silver Medal2016
15MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Cross Country Tournament(Women)Silver Medal2016
16MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Basketball Tournament (Men)Silver Medal2016
17MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Basketball Tournament (Women)Bronze Medal2016
18MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Chess Tournament (Women)Gold Medal2016
19MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Handball Tournament (Women)Silver Medal2016
20MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Volleyball Tournament (Women)Silver Medal2016
21MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Lawn Tennis Tournament (Men)Gold Medal2015
22MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Handball Tournament(Men)Bronze Medal2015
23MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Basketball Tournament(Women)Silver Medal2015
24MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Basketball Tournament(Men)Bronze Medal2015
25MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege CHESS Championship(Women)Gold Medal2015
26MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege CHESS Championship(Men)Silver Medal2015
27MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Cross Country Championship(Women)Silver Medal2015
28MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamMRSPTU InterCollege Cross Country Championship(Men)Silver Medal2015
29Ashish RanjanCSE2014-2018PTU InterCollege Cross Country Championship
(110 m Hurdles)
Silver Medal2015
30Harjeet KaurCSE2013-2017PTU InterCollege Athletics Tournament (3000m)Bronze Medal2015
31MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamPTU InterCollege Cross Country ChampionshipSilver Medal2014
32MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamPTU InterCollege Cross Country ChampionshipSilver Medal2014
33MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamPTU InterCollege Basketball TournamentSilver Medal2014
34Harjeet KaurCSE2013-17PTU InterCollege Athletics Tournament (1500m)Gold Medal2014
35Harjeet KaurCSE2013-17PTU InterCollege Athletics Tournament (3000m)Gold Medal2014
36MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamPTU InterCollege Athletics Tournament      (4 x400m relay)Gold Medal2014
37Khushpinder SinghME2011-15PTU InterCollege Athletics Tournament (800m)Bronze Medal2014
38MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamPTU InterCollege Handball TournamentBronze Medal2013
39MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamPTU InterCollege Basketball TournamentGold Medal2012 and 2013
40MIMIT MaloutInstitute TeamPTU InterCollege Cricket TournamentSilver Medal2012
41Mr. Sourav SumanCSE2009-13Body BuildingGold Medal2012 and 2013 and 2013
42Mr. Rahul KumarCSE2009-2013Body BuildingBronze Medal2012 and 2013
43Ms. Ravneet KaurCSE2008-12Javelin ThrowBronze Medal2011 and 2012
44MIMIT, Malout.Institute TeamPTU Intercollege Handball TournamentSilver Medal2010
45Mr. Puneet palMechanical2008-2012ShortPut throwSilver Medal2010
46Mr. Puneet palMechanical2008-2012Discus ThrowBronze Medal2010
47Mr. Simarjeet  Singh GumberCSE2005-2009Javelin throwGold Medal2009

Sports Event In-Charge

Sr. No.Name of EventsEvent In-ChargeAssistant Event In-Charge
1Basketball (M)Mr. Rajiv JainMr. Surinder Kumar
2Basketball (W)Ms. Sukhbir KaurMs. Navdeep Lata
3Handball(M)Mr. Ravinder SinghMr. Kulwinder Garg
4Handball(W)Ms. Amanjot KaurMs. Mamta Goyal
5Cricket (M & W)Mr. Vijay SamyalMr. Ajay Samyal
6Football(M & W)Mr. Amrinder SinghMr. Harpreet Singh Bror
7Volleyball(M)Mr. Navjot SinghMr. Raghbir Singh
8Volleyball(W)Ms. Deepika JainMs. Mamta Goyal
9Athletics & Cross Country(M)Mr. Vikas SinglaMr. Harjasdeep Singh
10Athletics & Cross Country(W)Ms. Deepika JainMs. Baljeet Virdi
11Weight Lifting, Power   Lifting,  Wrestling and BoxingMr.Harkirat Singh BrarMr. Major Singh
12Table Tennis & Chess (M & W)Mr. Mohit KumarMs Kanwaljeet Kaur Bindra
13Badminton(M)Mr. Vikas GoyalMr. Amit Garg
14Badminton(W)Ms. Geeta AroraMs. Mamta Goyal
15Kabaddi, Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Yoga & CyclingMr. Gurpreet SinghMr. Subash Ahuja
 PRESIDENT SPORTS Er. Kulvir Singh (98763-03344)
 Asstt PRESIDENT  Er. Jatinder Singh (94171-01327)
 D.P.E.Mr. Raj Kumar (9988565032)


To understand the aim and working of India’s National Service Scheme (popularly called as NSS). The NSS was formed in 1969 with an aim to “inculcate the social welfare thoughts in the students, and to provide service to the society without any prejudice.NSS volunteers work hard day and night to ensure that every one in our society who is needy gets the every possible help from them so that they can also enhance their standards and lead a life of dignity in the society with all of us. In doing so the volunteers themselves learn a lot from the people in villages like how to struggle and how to lead a happy life in the extreme scarcity of resources and so on.

The Institute has amount 600 students members of N.S.S. The Volunteers of N.S.S. activity participative in social services. The N.S.S department of our college has organized a cleanliness drive “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” in college campus on 02-10-2014 . Various activities are done under the aegis of N.S.S.

  • International Youth Day
  • Green drive by tree plantation
  • Blood donation Camp
  • AIDS awareness Camp
  • Environment Enrichment and Conservation
  • Cleanliness of villages, living Areas
  • Education of School dropouts
  • Awareness Programmer on Social Problems etc

Mr. Major Singh Sidhu

Mr. Harkirat Singh Brar

Programme Officers


The Indian National Cadet Corps (NCC) has been serving the nation as an important instrument in inculcating in the cadets spirits of valour, self-belief, independence, valiant, patriotic, and adaptable which are crucial to make the youth disciplined and obedient.

The nationwide cadet corps was born through the Act of Parliament on 15th July 1948. The first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru presided over the function of raising the first NCC Unit at Delhi on the last Sunday of Nov 1948. This day is traditionally celebrated as the ‘NCC Day’. With its motto of “Unity and Discipline”, the NCC has been very influential in moulding the character and outlook of college students during their education. 

MIMIT raised its NCC Unit (Girls) in August, 2013. This unit is attached to 6 Punjab Battalion, Malout. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. These cadets have no liability for active military service once they complete their course but are given preference over normal candidates during selections based on the achievements in the corps. Due weightage of marks is given to NCC Cadets for their General Fitness Paper. Cadets are also offered various types of incentives and scholarships. The NCC programme provides ample opportunities to the cadets like firing camps, drill practices, personality development and voluntary service programmes. The mission and vision of our NCC wing is to create awareness among the student community regarding its importance towards nation building. Associate NCC Officer Dr. Sukhbir Kaur is coordinating the activities of NCC Unit at MIMIT College.


  • Obey with a smile
  • Be Punctual
  • Work hard and without fuss
  • Make no excuses and tell no lies

NCC Camps

  • Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC)
  • Basic leadership Camp (BLC)
  • Pre Republic Day Camp (Pre-RDC)
  • Advanced Leadership Camp (ALC)
  • Course at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling
  • Paratroopers camp
  • National Integration Camp (NIC)
  • Attachment to regular Army/Navy/Air: Hospital Attachment, Naval/Army/Air attachment, IMA Attachment, OTA Attachment
  • Republic Day Camp (RDC)
  • Trekking Camp
  • Social Service Camp (SSC)
  • Independence Day Camp (IDC)
  • Youth exchange program (YEP)

Central Workshop

Central Workshop: In the present age when science and technology form the backbone of industry, a technocrat is expected to acquire greater level of skills and knowledge. He has to confront the complexities of competitive manufacture and very fast development in the design of machinery and innovations in productive methods. Engineering curriculum should therefore conform to the above need effectively. The main purpose of an engineering workshop is to provide the basic working knowledge of the production and properties of different material used in industry and to appraise the students of basics and applications of various types of tool, equipments, machinery and techniques used in manufacturing to facilitate shaping of these materials into useful products and components. The workshop caters both to students training at various level as well as production jobs specifically to meet needs of research, development, fabrication and maintenance for various departments and units of the Institute. About 300 graduate students are trained every semester through the course of Manufacturing Practice Workshop Training and Manufacturing Processes by imparting skills in various fabrication processes like fitting, machining, carpentry, electrical, welding, smithy, sheet metal etc. All students admitted to the first year go through this training process. Work Instructions to include step-by-step procedure for manufacturing jobs in each shop by the students as per course curriculum have been prepared for degree as classes. These are displayed at each machine during manufacturing of jobs.

Incharge :   Dr. Rutash Mittal
1. www
Name                             : Dr. Rutash Mittal
Designation                  : Assistant Professor
Qualification                  : B.Tech., M.E (CIM), Ph.D
Contact no                     : 01637-504378(off.), 9872211451
E-mail                             : rmittal810@yahoo.co.in
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Name                             : Mr. Randhir Singh
Designation                  : Lab. Supdt.
Qualification                  : 3 yrs. Polytechnic Diploma
Contact no                     : 9988700197
E-mail                             : randhirjasbir@gmail.com
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Name                             : Mr. Harvinder Singh
Designation                  : Jr. Technician
Qualification                  : ITI
Contact no                     : 9417639978
E-mail                            : er.harvindermimit@gmail.com
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Name                             : Mr. Iqbal Singh
Designation                  : Jr. Technician
Qualification                  : ITI
Contact no                     : 9779983186
E-mail                             : iqbalsingh330@gmail.com
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Name                             : Mr. Kuldeep Kumar
Designation                  : Clerk
Qualification                  : D.E.O Computer Couse, +2,  B.A.*
Contact no                     : 01637-504379(off.), 9779038604
Email                              : kuldeepkumar082@gmail.com
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6.Name                             : Mr. Jagdeep Singh
Designation                  : Skilled Worker
Qualification                  : +2, ITI, Diploma (Mech. Engg.)
Contact no                     : 9915867003
E-mail                             : ppinku.jagdeep89@gmail.com
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7.Name                             : Mr.Rajneet Singh
Designation                  : Skilled Worker
Qualification                  : +2, ITI
Contact no                     : 9464558121
E-mail                             : kkaifi.khokar84@gmail.com
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Name                             : Mr. Gursewak Singh
Designation                  : Skilled Worker
Qualification                  : +2, ITI, Diploma (Mech. Engg.)
Contact no                     : 9417096753
E-mail                             : gursewaksidhu46@gmail.com& 
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Name                             : Mr. Hardeep Singh
Designation                  : Skilled Worker
Qualification                  : 10th , ITI
Contact no                     : 9501398640
EE-mail                          : mimithardeep@gmail.com
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Name                             : Mr. Rajpal
Designation                  : Skilled Worker
Qualification                  : +2, ITI (Computer)
Contact no                     : 8054481972
EE-mail                          : rajpalmimit@gmail.com
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General objectives of workshop are:o:p

  •  To acquire related trade knowledge and practical skills in metal cutting, metal joining, metal forming and other operations.
  •  To acquire related trade knowledge and practical skills in engineering measurements.
  •  Finishing various jobs within the specified limits, with proper measurements and valuating them by appropriate inspection methods and tools
  • To acquire experience in preventive and corrective maintenance of various machine tools, cutting tools and equipments.

The aim in the workshop is to impart practical knowledge to the students and to produce a spirit of doing work with own hands. Students are also given small projects during

summer training. College workshop also provides aid to the maintenance unit of the college. The workshop is having different shops viz.

  • Carpentry Shop
  • Smithy Shop
  • Fitting Shop
  • Machine Shop
  • Foundry Shop
  • Electrical Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Sheet Metal shop

All these shops are equipped with latest machines tools, instruments and other necessary equipments. Each shop has relevant charts and lab manuals, demonstration boards
and operations which help in imparting quality education to the students.

Major equipments in workshop are:

  • Lathe Machines
  • Milling Machine
  • Surface Grinder
  • Welding Sets (MIG, TIG, ARC and Gas Welding)
  • Open Hearth Furnace
  • Power Hacksaw
  • Shearing Machine


The institute has one 52 seater bus, two jeeps and an ambulance for the convenience of the staff and students. The institute is presently providing bus service between Bathinda and Malout for the girl students and staff. Institute also provides bus facility to the students for the placement, industrial and sports visits.

Er. Harkirat Singh Brar
Incharge Transport

Cafe & Kiosks

To cater to the needs of the varied range of taste buds, MIMIT houses a Campus Café and a number of other eating joints which offer delicious food, superior services with innovative practices. The Campus Café offers excellent multi-cuisine menus providing a comfortable and vibrant ambience for all.

In addition to the Campus Café, there are other cafés, canteens, kiosks, juice bars, snack bars, coffee bars, all conveniently located throughout the campus, to offer an enormous range of recipes from pizza to samosa or even the spicy gol gappas and maggi. These small eating joints have turned into more than just a place to eat. These also act as stomping grounds for our budding artists. One can catch hot intellectual discussion in one corner or a serenade in the other. Apart from providing places where one can eat and enjoy, the cafés and kiosks also help to provide hands-on experience and entrepreneurial opportunities to the budding entrepreneurs at MIMIT by giving them opportunity to manage and run some of these cafes and kiosks independently as well as under guidance.


The Oriental Bank Of Commerce has installed an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at the MIMIT College Campus. This centrally located ATM caters to the requirements of the students and the staff, and, since it is located in the campus, it saves their precious time and effort.