Fee Structure with Chief Minister Scholarship Scheme

For B.Tech and B.Tech. (LEET) 2020-21 of all categories


CourseCategory (Marks in Qualifying Exam i.e. 10+2/ DiplomaTution Fee WaivedScholarship Amount per SemesterIst Sem.(B.Tech.) /3rd Sem. (LEET) Fee2 nd Sem3 rd Sem4 th Sem5 th Sem6 th Sem7 th Sem8 th SemTotal
B. TechFee without CM Scholarship0049,368 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)41255414814125541444412554140741755339220
 JEE Rankupto 1 Lac/ General (90% & above)100%30000Rs. 19,368(Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)1125511481*11255*11444*11255*11407*11755*99220*
 General (80-89.99%)70 %21000Rs. 28,368(Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)2025520481*20255*20444*20255*20407*20755*171220*
 General (70-79.99% )50 %15000Rs. 34,368(Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)2625526481*26255*26444*26255*26407*26755*219220*
 General (60-69.99% )40 %12000Rs. 37,368(Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)2925529481*29255*29444*29255*29407*29755*243220*

Counselling Fee Rs. 2000/- will be charged extra at the time of admission (One Time – Non-Refundable)
Hostel Charges: Rs. 6300/- per Annum
Refundable Security Rs. 6000/-
Total = Rs. 12300/-


Category (Marks in Qualifying Exam i.e. GraduationScholarship AmountMBA    
  Ist Sem.2 nd sem3 rd Sem4 th SemTotal
Fee without MIMIT Scholarship0Rs. 49,294 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)412554140741755173711
General (90% & above)30000Rs. 19,294 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)1125511407*11255*53711*
General (80-89.99% )21000Rs. 28,294 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)2025520407*20755*89711 *
General (70-79.99% )15000Rs. 34,294 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)2625526407*26755*113711 *
General (60-69.99% )12000Rs. 37,294 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)2925529407*29755*125711 *

Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC/ST Student

For Punjab State only

Branch1 st Sem2 nd Sem3 rd Sem4 th Sem5 th Sem6 th Sem7 th Sem8 th SemTotal
B.Tech. (CSE, ECE, IT, ME)6250 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)0000005006750
B.Tech-Leet (CSE,ECE,It,ME)————-6250 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)00005006750
MBA6250 (Including Rs. 4000 Refundable Security)00500————————-6750
BBA,BCA,B.Com3250 (Including Rs. 1000 Refundable Security)0000500——-——3750

Conditions for the Scheme

Sr. No.Conditions for the SchemeDetail of ScholarshipRemarks
11. Student should be resident of Punjab belonging to SC/ST Category* All the Tuition Fees + Non-Refundable FeesOnly Refundable Fee ( Rs. 3750/- for BBA/BCA/B.Com. (Hons.) and Rs. 6750/- for B. Tech. and MBA ) is to be charged at the time of Admission.
 2. Parents’ Annual Income from all sources should be less than 2.5 Lacs*Welfare Department also provide maintenance allowance Rs.1200/- for Hostlers and Rs.550/- for each month for day scholars separately.www.punjabscholarships.gov.in

Maintenance Allowance for SC/ST Students under PMS for Punjab State only

CourseMaintenance Allowance Amount (in Rs.)   
 First Year From 2 nd Year onwards 
 HostlerDay ScholarHostlerDay Scholar
BCA9000 (approx.)530010800 (approx.)6360
B.Tech. & MBA120005500144006600

Note: Only Refundable Fee is to be charged at the time of Admission.


On the written request of the student, security will be refunded to the student on the completion of his/her programme provided the request is submitted in writing by the student in a period of one year of his/her completion of the programme i.e. by 31st July of next year.


Hostel Charges
Annual Charges 
Hostel Charges3600
Electricity Charges1200
Annual Co-Operative Mess Charges1500
Total (i)6300
One Time Charges 
Hostel Security-Refundable (ii)4000
Co-Operative Mess Security -Refundable (iii)2000
Grand Total (I + ii+iii)12300


Note:- If there is any change in Hostel Fee Structure, difference will be charged/as per decision