Department of Information Technology
Department of Information Technology
Department of Information Technology


Department of Information Technology came into existence with the establishment of the Institute in 1998.At that time it only offered B.Tech(IT). DIT works as the controlling center of computing for the entire institute. The department function as a Nodal agency for the department wide networking across the entire Institute and provides internet connectivity to various departments through its servers, radio links, and switches. The department also has three dedicated labs, two for software development and one for internet.

The research areas in which the department is effective working are Image Processing, Computer Networks and Data Mining. At present the department is functional with its highly qualified and experienced faculty providing assistance to other departments of the institute

Vision & Mission


To produce globally competitive and skilled IT professionals to inculcate value based education for overall development of undergraduate’s lives and society.


Course Curriculum

The courses extensively cover a wide spectrum of Computer Science subjects, besides providing a thorough grounding in core essentials like Computer Organization, Operating System, Networking CC++,Java and Data Structures, the courses also include ample exposure to real world applications of Computer Science like Management Information System, making the pass outs ideally placed for absorption into the industry.

The core subjects in the undergraduate course of the department include

Fundamental of Computer Eng.& IT, Computer Architecture, Discrete Structures, Digital Circuit & Logic Design, Data Structure and Program Methodology, Written and Oral Technical Communication, Programming Language, Operating System, Data Communication, System Programming, MALP, System Analysis and Design, Window Programming, Database Management System, Electronic Commerce, Parallel Architecture and Computing, Advanced Internet Technology, Network Programming, Information Security.


List of Advisers


All labs in the Department of Information And Technology are equipped with the latest state of the art equipments so as to train the students in both the software & hardware aspects of Engineering in the Discipline.

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Why to join IT ?

The term Information technology refers to the application of technology by considering information.

Faculty of Information Technology Department