Department of Management Studies
Department of Management Studies
Department of Management Studies


Department of Management Studies came into existence with the establishment of the Institute in 1998. It offers MBA Degree with specialization in different fields(Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Information Technology). The Department has conference and seminar halls where visiting faculty shares their expertise and the student also deliver their “Industrial Training Presentation” and seminars. The classrooms, seminar halls and syndicate discussion room are well laid out with state of art Audio Visual support to facilitate effective comprehension of case studies and discussion topics.Network Security, image processing, network security and web development etc.

Course Curriculum

The course provides students with an overview of the various management functions. Students are prepared to engage the entrepreneurial opportunities in the arts as small business owners and managers. Upon completion, students will possess the basic knowledge of managerial functions in the context of small and large corporations. Students must be able to use the basic managerial functions as controls and set goals, provide leadership, and create an environment of clear strategic vision and analysis. Students will be able to recognize their own career paths in the business of the arts.

Placement Cell (Management)

Training & Placement cell full-fledged established in the Institutes under the dynamic supervision of Dr. Rajinder Kaur (Associate Professor, MBA Department). This cell facilitates the student by performing following activities:

Training and placement cell also arranges Seminars for


Management Club

The Management Club was formed for the purpose of building a network among MBA students, especially the fresher’s and their immediate seniors. This club provides a chance for students to interact with fellow students, faculty, business leaders, and the surrounding community. The club offers a series of activities to address personality development, professional and business issues that are not generally included in the formal program but are critical to the overall MBA experience. Guest Faculty is invited to update the knowledge and skills of MBA students, students get an opportunity to interact with the budding entrepreneurs.

Objectives Of Management Club

Management Club Activities

R&D Facilities

Management Computer Lab

The Management Lab is a place where students can use Internet Services, Printer Services, and CDs on various courses; and can prepare their Seminar presentations.

Various software like PASW Statistics Version 18.0 and AMOS Version 18.0 are installed in the lab to perform research activities. Students use software for analysis purpose. The software provides input to the students in the subjects of Workshop on Research Methodology, Marketing Research and in preparing Summer Training Reports and Final Research Project.

The Management computer Lab is fully air-conditioned and is backed up by high calibre UPS to ensure uninterrupted operations. Apart from the requirements of the curriculum, Institute also has leased lines connection of 18Mbps internet facility to facilitate the students, faculty and management for better networking and skills enhancement. Beside this Institute is also having Wi-Fi internet facility and the students are able to browse subject-related texts on their laptops.

Project Handling

Future Plans

Faculty of Management Department

           Name:                 Dr. Jiwan Jyoti Maini

           Designation:       Professor & Head MBA Deptt.

           Qualification:      MPM & IR, UGC-NET, Ph.D


           Contact No:         +91-9417941014

           Name:                 Dr. Manish Bansal

           Designation:       Professor

           Qualification:      MBA, Ph.D


           Contact No:         +91-9815570003

           Name:                 Dr. Rajinder kaur

           Designation:       Associate Professor

           Qualification:      M.Com, Ph.D


           Contact No:         +91-9478738519

           Name:                 Dr. Ajay Samyal

           Designation:       Assistant Professor

           Qualification:      MBA, UGC-NET, Ph.D


           Contact No:         +91-8427103077

           Name:                 Dr. Sukhbir Kaur

           Designation:       Assistant Professor

           Qualification:      MBA, UGC-NET, Ph.D


           Contact No:         +91-8427203505


           Name:                 Mr. Amit Garg

           Designation:       Assistant Professor

           Qualification:      B.Com, MBA


           Contact No:         +91-8283077677