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MIMIT is proud to be compiling, “Success Stories of MIMIT Alumni “.

Mohammad Shafi Ahmad 

Maintainance Engineer


Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)


In which year did you graduate? 


Where are you located?

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Current Employer 

Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company (SABIC Affiliate)

Current Position 

Maintainance Engineer

Tell us a bit about your current job profile 

Currently associated with maintenance of Petrochemical (Ploycarbonate) Plant. Dealing with PSV, Blower, Pump, it’s preventive and breakdown maintenance. Authorized Permit receiver and team leader.

How has studying at MIMIT helped you? 

It’s give me immense pleasure being a alumni of MIMIT. All thanks to cooperative faculties & Special thanks to my HOD for guiding me on perfect path.

How did you like your stay at MIMIT? 

Awesome. Feel humbled blessed and honored to be part of this wonderful organization.

Any piece of advice for current students? 

Strong will is necessary to achieve something in life and if you are able to do that , nothing can stop you from being successful. Work hard,Concentrate on Practicals & most importantly always respect your faculties.

MIMIT wishes you a successful career ahead. You made MIMIT proud.