Priyanka Jagga,

Senior Software Test Engineer



In which year did you graduate?


Where are you located?

Melbourne, Australia

Current Employer

DigIO –

Current Position

Senior Software Test Engineer

Tell us a bit about your current job profile

As a software test engineer, I get involved in the quality assurance stage of software development and deployment. Conduct automated tests to ensure the software created is fit for purpose. Software testing involves the analysis of software, and systems, to avert risk and prevent software issues. I use open source automation tools for both browser testing and API testing. I enjoy the challenges that come with testing, as well as being able to contribute towards the continuous improvement and quality of applications and systems. Blog:

How has studying at MIMIT helped you?

When I first arrived at college, I was frankly overwhelmed by the amount of assignments and work, especially since I participated in almost all the curriculum. Talk of debates, presentations, dance, sports I was everywhere (yeah I know I was a popular kid at college 😉). It took me two semesters to hit my stride, but I began to really excel. Honestly these activities with positive feedback from professors, helped a lot on confidence building and better communication (some important skills that you’d appreciate later in your life, working in a big organisation). Over the four years, though, I learned to really manage my time. Plus, I learned to break down overwhelming things into smaller, more manageable tasks among the group and also help others. I think these lessons will serves me well for a lifetime.

How did you like your stay at MIMIT?

Now I understand why they say the memories you make in the college will be there for life. Friends, laughter, mistakes you make and learn, lecture hall stories and what not, I had amazing journey at MIMIT from my first day of college to the graduation ceremony.

Any piece of advice for current students?

Look for something positive in each day. Accept challenges, because great things never come from comfort zone.