mimit malout placementSandeep Kumar
Technical Executive
SHV Energy India Pvt Ltd

B.tech mechanical engineering

In which year did you graduate?

Where are you located?

Current Employer
SHV Energy India Pvt Ltd

Current Position
Technical Executive

Tell us a bit about your current job profile
I am working as technical Executive for SHV Energy India Pvt Ltd at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan .it is world’s No.1 LPG company doing its business in more than 30 countries.

How has studying at MIMIT helped you?
The college life was a turning point, It turned me on the way to become a good professional in my life and to make improvements in my personality and skills to face difficult times and made me able to work for Worlds No.1 LPG company.
Thanks to my colleagues for everything…

How did you like your stay at MIMIT?
The hostel time was one of the best parts.
The second family for four years of the curriculum and MP hall was the best part as i spent a lot of time in bhangra practices. I really miss those hostel days…
Mimit faculty…Mainu ik din de layi hostel vala kamra de dyo jiii…

Any piece of advice for current students?
Do not trust on the people who are saying that there is no career in engineering but its a fact that the competition of being at the top is increasing day by day… So just focus on your self and enjoy the college days ..hostel time and canteen time…this is the thing u will be missing in ur life.
If you have skills then you will set milestones for sure…