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UGC Courses

Department of UGC courses was set up in 2015. It offers three courses Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Computer Applications and Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.).  The classrooms, seminar halls and syndicate discussion room are well laid out with state of art Audio Visual support to facilitate effective comprehension of case studies and discussion topics.

UGC department offers three, 3 year Bachelor degree programs.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) course extensively cover a wide spectrum of Computer Science subjects, besides providing a thorough grounding in core essentials like Computer Organization, Operating System, Networking   CC++,Java and Data Structures. This course provides a lot of opportunities to the students who are interested in computer field and wants to work in the IT sector as programmer or software developer. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course is designed to provide basic understanding about management education and to train the students in communication skills effectively which inculcate entrepreneurship skills. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom. Hons.) Course is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills and understanding in streams like finance, accounting, taxation and management.


List of Advisors

Class & Sem Group Faculty Name
BCA Ist Sem G1 Ms. Deepinder Kaur
G2 Ms. Sonali Kamra
BCA 3rd Sem G1 Ms. Meenu Rani
G2 Ms. Anu Gupta
BCA 5th Sem G1 Ms. Liza
G2 Ms. Pawandeep Kaur
BCom. Ist Sem G1 Ms. Reeza Saluja
G2 Ms. Amandeep Kaur
BCom.  3rd Sem G1 Ms. Nisha Rani
G2 Ms. Pooja Khurana
BCom. 5th Sem —- Ms. Satbeer Kaur
BBA Ist Sem G1 Ms. Randeep Kaur
G2 Ms. Shiffali
BBA 3rd Sem —- Ms. Neha Bajaj
BBA  5th Sem —- Ms. Reetika Khunger

Upcoming Events 

  1. Expert Lectures
  2. Quiz
  3. Workshops

Coordinators & Staff

Dr. Ashwani Bansal
Assistant Professor, Coordinator

Qualification: M.Sc (Mathematics), M.Phil, Ph.D
Contact no: 9417068200
E-mail: bansal_ashwaniab@yahoo.co.in
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Dr. Sukhbir Kaur
Assistant Professor, Co-Coordinator

Qualification: MBA, Ph.D
Contact no: 
E-mail: ssandhu_21@yahoo.co.in
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Er. Navdeep Lata
Assistant Professor, Co-Coordinator

Qualification: B.Tech.,M.Tech
Contact no: 01637-504331(off.), 9888373733
E-mail: ernavdeeplata@gmail.com
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Mr. Neeraj Sachdeva
Senior Assistant

Qualification: M.Com, PGDCA
Contact no: 9464525025
E-mail: neeraj_mimit@yahoo.com

Faculty of B.Com Department

Ms. Pooja Khurana

Qualifications: B.Com (Hons.) , M.Com
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: khurana0727@gmail.com

Ms. Reeza Saluja

Qualifications: B.Com. , M.Com
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: reezasaluja@gmail.com

Ms. Ritika Khunger

Qualifications: B.Com  , M.Com., C.A Inter.
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: ritikakhunger@gmail.com

Ms. Nisha Rani

Qualifications: B.A. , M.Sc. (Math.)
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: nisha88goyal@gmail.com

Mr. Mehul

Qualifications: B.Com., M.Com., UGC NET
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: mmiglani452@gmail.com

Mr. Karanjeet Singh

Qualifications: B.A, Steno Typist (Computer Course)
Contact No: 78377-58964, 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: karanmimit148@gmail.com

Faculty of BBA Department

Ms. Amandeep Kaur

Qualifications: B.A, MBA
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: aman.purcitm@gmail.com

Ms. Neha Bajaj

Qualifications: B.COM, MBA, GNIIT (3 Year Computer Diploma)
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: simplly89gmail.com

Mr. Prempal Singh

Qualifications: MBA, UGC-NET
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: sandhuprempal1@gmail.com

Ms. Randeep Kaur

Qualifications: B.A, B.Ed. ,M.A (English). ,MBA
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: shehzebdhillon@yahoo.com

Ms. Shiffali

Qualifications: B.A., B.Ed., MBA
Contact No:01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: shiffalisidana@gmail.com

Mr. Raj Kumar

Qualifications: B.A, B.Ed* Pursuing
Contact No: 98881-25128, 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: rajukumar9888@gmail.com


Faculty of BCA Department

Er. Ranjeet Kaur

Qualifications:B.Tech. ,M.Tech.,P.hd(Pursuing)
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id:  er.ranjeetsandhu@gmail.com

Er. Deepinder Kaur

Qualifications: M.Tech (CSE), UGC- NET
Contact No:01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id:deep27988@gmail.com

Ms. Anu Gupta

Qualifications: MCA
Contact No:01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: anugupta2207@gmail.com

Ms. Pawandeep Kaur

Qualifications: BCA. ,MCA.
Contact No:  01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: pawandep12@gmail.com

Er. Leeza Gupta

Qualifications: M.TECH (CSE)
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: lizagupta21@gmail.com

Ms. Sonali Kamra

Qualifications: BCA, MCA
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: skamra525@gmail.com

Ms. Kashish

Qualifications: B.Tech, M.Tech, UGC NET
Contact No: 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: kash.1928@gmail.com

Mr. Kuldeep Kumar

Qualifications: B.A
Contact No: 97790-38604, 01637- 504325 (Office)
E-mail Id: mimitkuldeep08@gmail.com