Viney Thaper

Senior Engineer


Btech ECE

In which year did you graduate? 


Where are you located? 


Current Employer 


Current Position 

Senior Engineer

Tell us a bit about your current job profile 

I am currently handling VAS services globally for all Vodafone Operators worldwide

How has studying at MIMIT helped you? 

I had a great time in MIMIT.. Not only studies. But also I had a great time in other activities.. I always got involved in all extracurricular Activities — which helped me in gaining confidence. The biggest thing — I was a part of MIMIT Boys Hostel mess committee for all four years in MIMIT–where i understood the people management.. which is the most important part of life..

How did you like your stay at MIMIT? 

I always like Boys hostel … Sometimes I still find myself in MIMIT hostel during my sleep time in night.. hehehe

Any piece of advice for current students? 

Along with studies.. always enjoy every part of life during college time