ISTE is a professional organization of Engineering Educators and the Educational Administrators . It is a society registered under the Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860. There is a program unit in the ISTE which is funded, staffed and controlled by the AICTE for carrying out specific projects such as Summer/Winter Schools, publications, research etc. ISTE Chapters are forums that deliver most of the services to the members of ISTE and are thus critical so far as the membership motivation and credibility of ISTE are concerned.

MIMIT is a Institute member (I M 1049) of Indian Society of Technical Education, New Delhi . Most of the students of the college are members of the student chapter. The main objective of I.S.T.E is the overall development of students and faculty members through technical Programmes , seminars, debates etc. The college has organized a National Level Tech. Fest Eklego-09 on 8th-9th April 2010. The teams from all over state has participated in the attend the technical restively in other Institutes.